Emotions through light
Provide good lighting to create unique environments
that everyone will want to enjoy

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“I help cities struggling with the wrong lighting, to create magical environments and beautiful architectural views where people can spend more quality time with others at night, will make the City known by its refinement and appealing image, will attract tourism and citizens, and will become socially responsible with the planet and the wellbeing of the people and wildlife”.


“I help companies in need to connect with their clients to build a new image of exclusivity and engagement that will attract customers and will make grow their business”.


“Most homeowners feel frustrated because their garden or porch at home is underutilized, so I offer the transformation to a beautiful and inviting environment where family, friends or yourself will feel good and will turn it into a place where quality time is assured”.

The problem

Excessive, disturbing or no light at all
in the architecture or spaces meant to be enjoyed.

Frustrated because you can’t enjoy outdoors at night?
Worried because people in the city feel unsafe?
Upset because heritage buildings and monuments are ignored at night?
Concerned because the electricity bill is too high?
Anxious because guests or customers don’t want to be at your place and rather be somewhere else?
Suffering from not having enough tourism in the city?
Feel lost because your clients don’t connect with your brand?
Uncomfortable in a space and you don’t know why?

Good lighting can help

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Customized plan

Allow me to create a plan for you. Let me explain how I can help to solve your problem.


Let’s execute the plan and create a magical environment that will let everyone enjoy the benefits of the good lighting.

Change from unknown  to refined &
exclusive attracting magnet. You will gain prestige.
Light evokes emotions. It creates appealing architecture
 and spaces inviting people to join.
Add quality time to life to spend with others.
Help preserve the planet and the wellbeing of the
people by making sustaintable lighting happen.

What you get

Light makes the whole. People and architecture become emotionally connected through lighting.



I ’m a devoted architectural and independent lighting designer and light is my passion.



Expect more than light. Lighting design is not just choosing a light bulb. I offer you much more.


MCM Lighting?

I provide a unique lighting project supporting you unconditionally and in the most flexible way.



As a lighting designer, I play a key role in the workings of a good project.


If you like what you’ve read up to now, wait until we work together and you will see all we can achieve. Contact me through this form or call me!