How I do my work

Who I do my work


As a lighting designer, I play a key role in the workings of a good project. It is important to integrate the lighting in the early phase of a project so we can collaborate with other design teams and follow the same strategy; architects, interior designers, landscapers… We all work to achieve the same target.  

Each project has its own identity. I develop the lighting project from concept to execution going through all phases: 

  • I create lighting solutions and unique concepts for each project, which the client can imagine through graphic material. 
  • I do the prescription of the lighting fixtures and perform the lighting calculations. This way the concept will be shown in the most reliable way. I am an independent designer, so I work with all lighting manufacturers with no interest other than the best benefit for the project. I don’t sell nor install luminaires. I am free from any conflict of interest. No hidden fees. 
  • I believe in the total integration of the lighting fixtures in the architecture, so I develop the necessary studies and construction details for its installation. I work closely with manufacturers, construction companies and installers.  
  • I supervise the luminaires installation and take care of the fine tuning.