My principles

My principles


– Expect More Than Light. If you want just light; it is solved buying a light bulb. I offer you much more; the experience, the magical environment and the ultimate benefits that come with it.

Creativity, Innovation, and Invention. Always looking for new ideas, aware of what others are doing, something not invented doesn’t stop me.

Long-Term Thinking. I act on behalf of the entire project, beyond just myself. I dont sacrifice the durability of the project to save some money in the short term.

I Just Get it Done because speed is important in business. I always try to get things done asap.

Keep Learning Makes Me Grow. I will never stop searching to learn new things, new possibilities, new ways of doing the same.

Earn Trust because I like to listen and understand what the person needs. We will be able to talk the same language and trust each other.

I Care About What’s Important. I care about you, about the wellbeing of the people who will use the spaces I design for and about the planet that will be impacted by the lighting.

Excellence In The Service. I am available, I like the communication to be the best. I like to be the best I can be in every project I deal with.

Collaboration & Synergies. A good team always achieves better results.