TEACHING IN: Lighting workshop: X Edition Architecture week UAH

Lighting Workshop: X Edition Lighting Architecture week
Architecture week

Place: Universidad Alcalá de Henares, Madrid

Sponsors: Linealight and Alphalight

Dates: March 20th-25th 2023

During the Architecture Week of the University, a workshop was held with the students of the Architecture degree. During 5 days various activities were carried out, including theory but above all hands on.

  1. Theory of lighting technology and study of luminaires as a product, optics, accessories, power supplies, etc.
  2. Experiment with light and different materials, filters, bottles, liquids, different lighting fixtures, accessories…
  3. The students created their own luminaire with recycled materials, soldering LED chips, saw cutting, etc.
  4. Architectural lighting in the Cloister of the Old Convent. Samples of mounted fixtures with their power supplies and DMX control were used. We recreate 2 lighting scenes. A more classical one and another more dramatic, to see the difference in environments that we can achieve in the same space thanks to light and its different ways of projecting it.
  5. Dialux: 3D scanner of a sculpture at the University, the file compatible with the Dialux software was obtained. And in this way a real scene was recreated with luminaries and the sculpture, and at the same time in Dialux the simulation of the same scene.