Why MCM Lighting


Best lighting project

– Unique: your project will be one of a kind. I fall in love with each project and bring out the true heritage of the architecture and landscape. There is always a history or a purpose behind to be translated in lighting.  

I’ve got your back  

 – Independent: because my services are paid the same regardless what lighting equipment is prescribed. I only work on behalf of the project. I am commission free from manufacturers, suppliers or installers.  

– Expert service: check my portfolio.  

 Protect the installation: because lighting equipment can have unexpected failures, I don’t prescribe lighting fixtures with less than 3 years warranty from manufacturers. You will be covered for years to come. 

The most flexible way  

 – Customized support: whether you know everything or nothing about lighting, whether you have time or no time at all, I am here to help your way, whatever way that might be from the beginning to the end.  

– Worldwide choice of lighting equipment carefully chosen: because I am independent and my only interest is the best benefit for the project, i don’t stick to any specific lighting manufacturer. I can choose the best fit in terms of quality and budget. 

– Anywhere. Even though I am based in Spain, I am open to develop projects in any city or country, I love travelling!